Trade Mark Protect Insurance

Did you know that your trade mark can be challenged by a third party during and after its registration? Trade Mark Protect is an insurance that can provide legal support in the event of a dispute.

  • Rob's Story

    Rob had been running a successful business for a few years and decided to formalise his business name by registering a trade mark. Unfortunately another business with a similar name opposed Rob's trade mark and engaged him in a legal battle.

    Fortunately for Rob, he had been trading longer, had a well established business name and website and a lot of evidence to show that it was his trade mark. However, in defending his trade mark, Rob incurred over $30,000 in legal fees. 

    Every year, thousands of businesses engage in trade mark and intellectual property disputes just like this.


  • What Is Trade Mark Protect?

    Trade Mark Protect provides you with professional legal support to defend your trade mark. If, like Rob, you were attacked during the process of registering your trade mark, we'd be there to help with:

    - $50,000+ in legal defence cover

    - Access to professional support and legal services

    - Premiums as low as $215

    You can learn more about Trade Marks and Trade Mark Protect below.

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Trade Mark Protect Insurance

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