Product Info

Trade Mark Protect is an insurance policy to help pay legal fees that you may incur in defending your trade mark from challenges (oppositions to registration or applications for removal), either when you first file, or during the lifetime of the trade mark.

The number of trade mark filings and oppositions made in Australia is increasing each year. Costs to defend your trade mark from challenges can be crippling to your business, so you should consider Trade Mark Protect.

How it works


  • $50,000

    legal expenses cover

  • No deductible

    when using approved legal providers

  • Expert Support

    If you filed your trade mark without an attorney, we will appoint an expert to help you.

  • Choice of Provider

    If you filed your trade mark through an attorney, you can utilise their services to defend your trade mark.*

  *Excess may apply

Policy Types

There are two policies with different functions which must be purchased separately at the appropriate time. One policy is to defend a trade mark during the opposition phase and the other is to defend a registered trade mark.

Policy Summary

  Trade Mark Opposition Cover Registered Trade Mark Cover
Limit From $50,000 From $50,000
Cover Defend Opposition to Registration  Defend Application for Removal
Purchase Before Acceptance Once Registered
Policy Length   Two Months (Opposition Period) Cover  Twelve Month Renewable Cover
Cost  From $215 From $215
Excess Nil^ Nil^
^When using an approved provider.


Summary of Cover