Product Info

Trade Mark Protect gives you the upper hand in defending your intellectual property. It's actually split into two policies, one for new trade marks and one for those which are already registered.

New Trade Marks

Basic Process

For new trade marks, Trade Mark Protect provides cover during the opposition period. The opposition period is part of the trade mark filing process where the trade mark can be protested by other trade mark holders. This is where your trade mark is most vulnerable to attack and where you're most at risk of a financial loss.

Existing Trade Marks

For existing trade marks, we have an annual policy, removal cover which can protect your trade mark being removed as a result of:

  • Claims of Non-Use
  • Infringement

You don't have to tell us whether your trade mark is already registered, the system will know.

Legal Support Offered


You can pay an excess to use your own legal provider or you can use our provider. Either way, you'll be provided up to $50,000 in cover to defend you trade mark.

When Do I Need To Purchase?


For opposition cover, you need to purchase the cover before the opposition period or we can't protect you.

For the removal cover, you can purchase this at any time after your trade mark is registered.

^When using an approved provider.


Summary of Cover