Infringement Cover

The below is for information purposes only and you should always comply with your insurance policy terms and conditions.


Combine Your Risks

A tailored approach to your portfolio of Intellectual Property(IP) combined into a single policy.


Patent Infringement

Our policy covers the defence of patent and all other IP infringement claims brought against you, including legal costs, damages, settlements and counterclaims.


Contractual Indemnities

This vital cover for IP related contractual indemnities enables business by allowing smaller companies to sign up to contracts with larger customers and meet their high demands.


Pursuit of Infringers

Companies spend a great deal of time, energy and money developing their Intellectual Property. We believe that this significant investment should be protected and therefore cover the costs associated with enforcing rights if someone infringes a valid right and it has a commercial impact.


Loss of Profit

Cover for loss of profits can be critical for small and medium-sized businesses with only a single or a small handful of product lines. In the event that you lose an infringement case and it results in an injunction against you, this policy can cover for your resulting loss of profits for up to 12 months.


Loss of IP Right

Investment in Intellectual Property costs a great deal. If a right is invalidated as a consequence of infringement action, this policy can repay that investment allowing your company to move onto the next project.


Easy to Understand Policy

No one wants to read 100 pages of incoherent insurance jargon. That’s why our Intellectual Property policy wording is clear and concise, so you know exactly what’s covered. Although it is less than 10 pages long, you can rest assured that it still offers wide-reaching cover.


Efficient Process

Obtaining IP cover has traditionally been a lengthy and time-consuming process. Our experienced team, however, aim to quote and bind policies within 5 business days as long as we have all the information we need.


How do I apply?

Below we have provided some brochures with more detailed information, as well as the policy wording. 

You can apply by completing the below application form then send it to Someone from BMS will then be in touch to discuss the particulars of your portfolio.













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