Registered Trade Mark Cover

Once your trade mark is registered it can still come under attack. For example, third parties can file for the removal of your trade mark on the grounds of non-use. In court proceedings they can also allege that your trade mark should not have been registered.

Protect your business from the costs of defending against these unforeseen events with our Trade Mark Protect Registered Trade Mark Cover.


How Much Does it Cost?

Pricing is based on the Goods and Services classifications of your trade mark. Prices start from as little as $215 (including taxes and charges).

How Do I apply?

Using your trade mark application number, you can obtain a quote within a few minutes. Your notice of filing will also contain a link to obtain a quote.

What if I Require a Higher Limit?

If you require a limit greater than $50,000 or a more tailored solution; contact us.

Summary of Cover

The below document outlays the key facts and information about the policy. 


Summary of Cover


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